When God Closes A Door…

Hey folks!

It’s been a bittersweet last couple of weeks. The Australia Times – a network of e-magazines that covered a whole range of topics – has closed its doors for good. As a contributor and editor of the TAT Games publication for nearly four years, it was certainly an eye-opening series of events. This was the first major outlet I worked for that suffered a closure, and a wide range of feelings washed over me.

Guilt. Should I have done more to market and improve the magazine? Over my tenure, I put forward quite a few ideas to help spice things up – but nothing came of it. I don’t blame anyone in particular – indeed, everyone I worked for were supremely excellent and hard-working folks…

Frustration. Oftentimes I felt like I was banging my head against a wall. I don’t know what the grand plans for the brand were, but it always felt like TAT was stuck somewhere in time, without a finger on the industry pulse. As sucks as it is to admit, the vast majority of the audience don’t want to ‘read’. They want to absorb info as quick and as easy as possible – and the magazine-based approach is very much a niche market in today’s world. It certainly didn’t help matters that TAT’s website needed readers to register in order to even see the content… in terms of user-friendliness, The Australia Times was – quite frankly – woeful in execution.

Relief. Finally, I felt like I could let go of the concerns after the closure was announced. I now have extra time for creative writing, as well as focusing my gaming-related energies to GSR. Don’t get me wrong – I’m eternally thankful for the opportunities TAT Games has given me; not only to flex my writing muscles, but to also gain valuable skills like team management, idea-generation, editing and communicating with companies. Skills that have transferred supremely to GSR. I’ll always be appreciative of that.

It’s stuff I’ve been thinking about more and more, especially now that my 29th birthday has just come and gone. Instead of being stressful about things I haven’t done with my life, I’m actually finding myself getting more mellow – especially now that I’ve made some lifestyle choices that have evoked more positivity (more on that in a later blog). That’s not to say I’m becoming complacent or unambitious; but rather, I think I’m learning to de-emphasise trivial concerns that have caused so much unwarranted anxiety regarding my professional and personal life – as well as coming to the slow realisation that life is far simpler than we make it out to be.

But more on that some other time! Now that The Australia Times will soon be going offline, I decided that my hard work can’t disappear – so with that said, I hope you enjoy my gaming archives that will soon be added to the site!

Have a good one,

– Kris

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