New Website, New Challenges

Well, hi there! Didn’t expect to see you ’round here!

For those of you who’ve wandered in from the cold, and are wondering just where the heck you are – allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Kris Godwin, and this is my quaint little website. I’m a novelist, with one book already out there in the wild, and a second one on the way.

That book is The Tarinn Fables: Kwennsefulass, a fantasy tale that you can buy on Kindle and Kobo – so, please go and buy it! Now!

I’m also a videogame writer, and a Content Director for Game Shark Reviews, an awesome gaming site that is getting bigger and better every day!

Things are a little bare at the moment, as you can see. This is mostly due to a combination of technical incompetence (I ain’t a computer guy – as you can tell from my usage of the word computer), and personal issues that have placed numerous roadblocks in my journey to authordom.

Still, I’m excited for this new beginning. I have a few creative projects planned, and I’ll be using this blog to post everything – from current happenings, to in-progress/concept art, and even the occasional crazy, insomnia-fueled ramble.

Thanks for reading this brief introduction, and check out my links for more information!

Have a swell day.

– Kris.

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